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When tooth decay goes untreated for an extended period of time, it can gradually spread into the pulp of your tooth, which contains the nerves, veins, and arteries of the tooth. If the decay is left untreated, an abscess can form, breaking down the jawbone and allowing the infection to spread to other parts of your body.


You may need endodontic treatments if you are experiencing any of the folowing:


Hot & Cold

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Root Canals

Why do I need root canal?
For the benefit of your oral health, we'll do everything possible to save a tooth rather than extract it. Fortunately, a root canal can save the tooth in most cases.
Does a root canal hurt?
During a root canal, a local anesthetic is applied to make the procedure as painless as possible.
Are you going to drill into my teeth?
We drill a small hole in the crown of the tooth and remove the infected pulp from the pulp chamber.
Will I need a crown?
The tooth is then filled with a filling material designed to support the tooth until you are fitted for a permanent crown.

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