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Charlie Puza

Sports Mouthguards

General Dentistry: Sports Mouthguards


ithout the proper protection a player can attain serious orofacial injuries to both the teeth and jaw. This is especially true of sports such as hockey, football, basketball, and soccer. Wearing a mouthguard is not only the sure way to protect your lip, tongue, cheek, and teeth from permanent damage, but it has also been suggested that a mouth guard can limit concussions by cushioning the impact between the jaw and skull.

In addition, a custom made mouthguard from your dentist has many advantages over your typical store bought boil and bite guard. Using an impression of your mouth we can custom craft your mouthguard for you and the sport you play, allowing better breathing, speaking, and fitting. Also, our custom mouthguards are vacuum-formed, creating an extra shock absorbing air cell layer. A custom made mouthguard is one of the best investments that can be made for an athlete's oral health.