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Charlie Puza

Kids Corner

General Dentistry: Kid's Corner


t Scranton Dental Center we offer comprehensive treatment so that it is not necessary for your family members to see different dentists. Children are especially welcome and catered towards here with their own area of the waiting room and a "treasure" chest waiting for them at the end of their appointments. Parents are also welcome in the treatment room during any procedure their child is uncomfortable with.

As your child continues to grow and develop, throughout their time with us, we will take the responsibility of instilling good oral hygiene habits that will stay with them for life. Our treatment of children is focused on prevention with in office fluoride treatments and home supplements, sealants, early intervention for orthodontics and space maintenance for their permanent dentition, along with nutritional education.

For our younger patients and apprehensive patients, we offer nitrous oxide sedation to help make their appointments more relaxed. With our nitrous oxide sedation your child remains awake throughout their appointment and its effects wear off immediately after the procedure without any aftereffects.

We look forward to caring and educating your child and, as always, will strive to provide them with the best dental care possible. A positive experience at the dental office is our goal for every appointment your child has with us, such that they will look forward to their appointments as much as we will.