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Crowns & Bridges

General Dentistry: Crown and Bridge


hen you have a tooth that is not structurally sound due to either a crack, root canal treatment, or simply too much of the tooth is missing for a regular filling, a crown is the usual treatment of choice. A crown is basically a "cap" that is custom made to fit over your entire tooth.

In addition if you have a tooth missing anywhere you may want to consider a bridge, which is two crowns with an artificial tooth suspended between them to replace the missing one. This is an excellent option to replace a missing teeth as it is a permanent replacement which is similar to having the original tooth is place.

When you and Dr. Prisco have determined that a crown is the best method of treatment you will have two different options over the type of crown to choose.

All porcelain crowns - This type of crown has the most natural appearance as it is made entirely out of porcelain with a porcelain lining. These are most often the best choice for anterior crowns as they are the most esthetic but slightly less durable than the other option.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns - These are porcelain crowns with a metal lining. These are extremely durable and often used for molars due to their added strength.

The procedure itself entails Dr. Prisco first preparing the tooth to be able to fit a crown and then taking an impression of your mouth. He will then make you a temporary crown that same day to cover the tooth until the permanent one is ready and send the impression to his laboratory where a crown will be custom crafted for you. When your permanent crown is ready Dr. Prisco will make sure it is the right fit, shape, and shade, make any necessary adjustments, and then permanently cement the new, natural looking crown in your mouth.